Medici Tour – 3 hours

The Medici family dominated Florentine life, either officially or unofficially, from the end of the 14th century to the beginning of the 18th. One cannot walk around Florence for long without encountering some reminder of the Medicis. Their footprints are everywhere. 

This tour begins at the Palazzo Pitti, the enormous Renaissance palace where three dynasties lived over the centuries. There we enjoy a visit to its most important museum, the Galleria Palatina, in order to admire an outstanding collection of works which includes paintings by Raphael and Titian. 

Then we cross the river and reach the Palazzo Vecchio, symbol of Florence's political center, which Cosimo I dei Medici adapted to suit the lavish lifestyle of the grand-ducal court. In front of the palace, the beautiful Signoria square with its variety of statues offers a breathtaking open air museum.

palazzo vecchio

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