Chiara and Adri are qualified guides.  We  have had considerable experience when it comes to personalizing tours in response to a great variety of requests.  If it is your first time in Florence, you would probably want to visit the city's more famous sites.  If not, you might prefer more unusual options.  Whatever you choose, we guarantee a stress-free, unforgettable tour.

We have various specializations and advanced qualifications in such fields as:  archeology, architecture, Renaissance gardens, historical palaces, even gastronomic delights or tours for children.  And we have all loved and worked in Florence for many years.

We are longing to share our knowledge and passion for our beautiful city with you. 
We promise to make your tour both informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

 Adriana - Cell: +39 3478620265 - P.I. 06243670483  - Chiara - Cell: +39 3381002655 - P.I. 04941270482